Digital Arts Computing BSc Presents 

Spiralling through past, present and future, Goldsmiths BSc Digital Arts Computing introduce an arborescent trail of work, casting the anxiety of proliferation made most palpable within the virtual into high relief. ‘Ephemerence’ scrapes the patina that collects upon the surfaces between, coagulating it into a reeling of artworks that explore the contradiction of permanent change. Digital spaces contribute to the intensification and the deterioration of the present, where the hypnotic lure of potential has become the very essence of now. Today we arrive at the centerpoint of an elastic continuum of relations that stretch us between binaries ‘til discernment is worn thin. Our artists occupy this hybridity through interdisciplinary digital art practice. Branching across video, live performance, sculpture and installation ‘Ephemerence’ simultaneously reacts to its fleeting presence inside the building that holds it to acknowledge a multidimensionality of velocities.


Thursday the 5th of May   

8.00pm Agata Genissel 

Friday the 6th of May 

5.00pm Agata Genissel 

Saturday the 7th of May-

12.00pm Theo Laird 

1.00pm Agata Genissel 

2:30pm-4:30pm Live Walk Through (see below!)

5.00pm Hristo Yordanov and Jiaying Gao

Sunday 8th of May 

12:00pm Agata Genissel 

5:00pm Hristo Yordanov and Jiaying Gao  

Live Walk Through
Sat 7th May 2:30pm - 4:30pm 

With artists Theo Laird and Davidulka Springs Soloman and invited guest respondent Arieh Frosch.Saturday 7th May 2.30pm – 4.30pmEchoing the transmutational and active associative spirit of the group exhibition Ephemerence the public programme will take the form of a nomadic live walkthrough. Each room of the exhibition will form the backdrop and provocation site for a series of discursive reflections on the threads of tension, association and conceptual binding between the works. Treating the exhibition as an organic, living, breathing ecosystem the invited guest respondent Arieh Frosh and exhibition artists Theo Laird and Davidulka Springs Soloman navigate vertically through the space.